INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems

SMTA phase – all Citizen Scientists activated to receive their beans

We are pleased to announce that all participants of the INCREASE Citizen Science Experiment have been activated for the SMTA step, which is a prerequisite to receive the bean seed package. 7,242 participants have to date accepted the SMTA, 3,981 envelopes were sent out to the Citizen Scientists from Ancona, Italy and 2,280 participants have already validated the beans in the ‘INCREASE CSA’ app.

Please be reminded: As soon as you receive your bean envelope from Ancona, please make sure to validate your beans in the app. You can find a tutorial on the bean validation step under Instructions and Tutorials.

The INCREASE team in Ancona, packing all the bags and envelopes, does a monumental job this year and continues packing with all forces after a few holidays and sick leaves (still they managed >270 envelopes last week!). The envelopes are now sent with a faster shipment option to ensure that all Citizen Scientists receive their beans in time for sowing.