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3rd round of Citizen Science Experiment registers more participants than ever before

To date, more than 6,000 citizens from all over Europe, 6,570 to be exact, have registered for the 3rd round of the INCREASE Citizen Science Experiment. This is more than ever before! For comparison, in the 1st round of the experiment, in 2021, 3,450 citizens had registered their participation. In the 2nd round, in 2022, the registrations amounted to 4,055. These already impressive numbers were now significantly excelled in the 3rd round of the experiment. And the registration numbers are still growing as registration is still possible until 28 of February 2023.

Germany still counts the highest number of registrations with now 2,136 participants. Italy is in second place with 1,744 registrations, followed by a new shooting star: Belgium now takes third place with 926 registered citizens. The vast majority of them registered only within the last few days, thanks to the great support of INCREASE stakeholders in Belgium, such as the Meise Botancial Garden. Belgium is followed by Sweden (447 registrations) and Spain (357 registrations).

Through an innovative approach to seed conservation, multiplication and sharing, the Citizen Science Experiment invites citizens to support agrobiodiversity by growing and evaluating old bean varieties in their fields, gardens, on their terraces or balconies. Interested citizens can register for the experiment exclusively via the ‘INCREASE CSA’ app. The app has now received a makeover which includes a seed exchange functionality for participants of previous rounds. Furthermore, the app is now also available in Dutch and Hungarian, thanks to the kind translation support of two citizen volunteers. Please make sure to download the latest app version to have access to the new features!

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