INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems

INCREASE Citizen Science app has now launched!

As central feature of the Citizen Science Experiment, which is to kick off early next year, INCREASE is pleased to announce that the Citizen Science app is now ready and available for download.

The app comes with many different features. Initially, it allows users to register their participation in the Citizen Science Experiment. As part of the experiment, the app then allows participants to send information on the common bean plant they grow, to take pictures for the documentation of plant traits such as flowers, seeds and pod colours and shapes, plant growth habit, shapes of leaves but also to showcase food prepared with the harvest. Furthermore, participants can also access information on the European origin of the beans they will be growing based on geographical coordinates and other information associated to the original collection sites, such as altitudes. Importantly, participants can share and exchange experiences and the actual beans with the INCREASE community. INCREASE is calling on all interested Citizen Scientist to download the app and register their participation in the experiment.

Please find more information and the download links here.

You can furthermore find more information about the Citizen Science Experiment here.