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Citizen Science Photo, Video & Recipe Contest 2023 - Submissions now open!

All INCREASE Citizen Scientists are invited to share their photos, videos and delicious bean recipes and take part in this year’s edition of the “Citizen Science Photo, Video & Recipe Contest 2023”!

The contest is open to all of you who are taking part in the INCREASE Citizen Science Experiment and want to share experiences of the journey, to show how and why you got involved and present your personal highlight of this adventure. All participants of the experiment received further details on how to submit contributions for the contest by e-mail.

Towards the end of the year, all contributions will be uploaded on the INCREASE social media and the INCREASE followers will be asked to vote. The contributions that will get the highest number of likes, will be shown in the media content of the INCREASE website and the winners will be acknowledged with a special mention and an INCREASE t-shirt. As a further thank you, we will furthermore randomly select ten entries to be rewarded with an INCREASE t-shirt.

We very much appreciated the contributions that many of you sent us in the last years. You can find them for inspiration in our social media galleries. Also, you can watch the video that was made up of some of the citizens’ creations on the INCREASE project website and on the YouTube channel (“INCREASE Come with us... Citizens for agrobiodiversity!”).

Feel free to get creative – the INCREASE team is looking forward to receiving your photos, videos or recipes!