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Celebrate World Pulses Day 2024 with us!

One month from today, on 10th February, INCREASE celebrates World Pulses Day, a designated United Nations global event to recognize the importance of pulses (dry beans, chickpeas, lentils and lupins among others) as a global food. Pulses have significant nutritional value, they are an important pillar in safeguarding the world’s food security and they bring numerous environmental benefits, for example they improve soil fertility, they are highly water efficient and they can support the mitigation of climate change.

To celebrate our favourite superfood, all INCREASE partners, stakeholders, citizen scientists and friends are encouraged to organise public and/or private events focusing on the importance of pulses, on 10th of February and the days before. This could for example be a dedicated seminar or symposium, an exhibition, a theme week in your favourite café or restaurant, or a special pulses dinner with your family, colleagues or friends. Regardless of the type of event, you could use this opportunity to spread the word about the INCREASE Citizen Science Experiment and invite the attending pulses lovers to join us on our bean journey.

Feel free to promote and share impressions of your celebrations via social media, while tagging our project accounts and using the following hashtags: #WorldPulsesDay #LovePulses #PulsesINCREASE.

We are looking forward to celebrating pulses with you!

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