INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems

Terres Inovia

The mission of TERRES INOVIA is to improve economic competitiveness and sustainability of oilseeds and grain legumes by adapting production to economic and policy context. Its research programmes aim at improving production, ecosystem services and product value. TERRES INOVIA action ranges from genetics, crop biology and protection, to farming systems and grain processing. TERRES INOVIA was born from the merger of CETIOM and UNIP. TERRES INOVIA is run and financed by farmer and industry boards, counts 150 permanent staff and €16m annual budget.

Role within INCREASE

TERRES INOVIA coordinates the interface with stakeholders, especially plant breeders and seed producers. To do so, TERRES INOVIA participates in work packages 2 and 5, but also follows all other work packages. In addition, TERRES INOVIA participate in work package 1 for the stakeholder management alongside the coordinator of the project, and in work package 7 in training and dissemination activities during the project.

Main contacts

Photo of Claire Barbet-Massin
Claire Barbet-Massin
Stakeholder Consortium Coordination
Photo of Agathe Penant
Agathe Penant
Extension engineer, head of crop diversification program, lupin specialist
Photo of Quentin Lambert
Quentin Lambert
Extension engineer, chickpea specialist
Photo of Gwénola Riquet
Gwénola Riquet
Extension engineer, lentil specialist
Photo of David Gouache
David Gouache
Deputy director & Director of Research