INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems

CSE Levels of Participation

When you have successfully been accepted as citizen scientist, your bean journey is about to start! Depending on your level of experience and/or the time you are able to dedicate, you can choose between three different levels of participation in the INCREASE Citizen Science Experiment: The basic level allows you to collect the six most basic traits of your beans, the medium level covers a wider range of traits - 21 to be exact - and the expert level is for those of you who would like to capture every single detail of your beans. In the expert level, you can collect all 36 bean traits ranging from the validation of your seed package to the details of your harvest. You don’t need to be a bean expert to choose this level of participation, just a bit more time and dedication.

Our illustration below helps you to make your choice! Here, you can find all the bean traits which you will be asked to collect in the different levels. The illustration additionally includes a few steps along the bean growing journey, that are required but are not specific traits (such as the SMTA or the validation).

Seed exchange
Choose skill level
Correct sowing information
Sowing date
Plant death
Total seed mass (gram)
Total number of seeds