INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems

Statiunea de Cercetare Dezvoltare Pentru Legumicultura Bacau

Founded in 1974, the VEGETABLE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT STATION provides comprehensive support services and biological material for conventional and organic vegetable farmers, being the promoter of organic agriculture in Romania. The unit was involved in the implementation of national and international collaborative research projects, including Horizon 2020, ECPGR projects, having as main aim conservation and evaluation of PGR, the development of new valuable vegetable GR, elaboration of specific eco-friendly methods and cultivation technologies. SCDL Bacau has a dedicated team of more than 25 staff members with different professional and scientific expertise, such as horticulture, agriculture, biology, ecology. Currently, the unit ensures technological assistance in vegetable farms, seeds of higher biological categories, diversification of vegetable assortment, conservation and evaluation of valuable genetic resources, elaboration of modern culture technologies for conventional and ecological system for beneficiary from the entire country.

Role within INCREASE

SCDL Bacau is involved in six work packages, in scientific tasks, communication, dissemination and exploitation. The unit generates materials and data with specific focus on chickpea and lentil. The main input ensures the acquisition and subsequent provision of high-quality homogenised data; sampling and assembly of collections; primary, secondary seed increase and distribution for different experiments; classical and high through-put phenotyping and image analysis; field intercropping experiments on common bean (with maize); investigations on farm management impacts on genetic diversity. SCDL Bacau collaborates with different stakeholders to ensure a strong impact of the project.

Main contacts

Photo of Dr Creola Brezeanu
Dr Creola Brezeanu
Senior Researcher/ Team leader
Photo of Dr Tina Oana Cristea
Dr Tina Oana Cristea
Senior Researcher
Photo of Dr Silvica Ambăruş
Dr Silvica Ambăruş
Senior Researcher
Photo of Dr Petre Marian Brezeanu
Dr Petre Marian Brezeanu
Senior Researcher
Photo of Dr Alin Gabriel Iosob
Dr Alin Gabriel Iosob
Photo of Dr Mariana Calara
Dr Mariana Calara
Assistant Researcher
Photo of Dr Alexandru Bute
Dr Alexandru Bute
Assistant Researcher