INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems

Seed Exchange now available!

Exciting news! Today, the seed exchange option was activated in the "INCREASE CSA" app for our ongoing Citizen Science Experiment (CSE). This feature allows you to offer your harvested bean seeds to other participants and/or request seeds from others. Note that each participant gets to receive seeds from the seed exchange just once per CSE round, but as a seed provider you can share as many seeds as your bean harvest allows.

To participate, make sure to have installed the latest version of the "INCREASE CSA" app. Navigate to the "My CSE" section and open the "Seed Exchange" subpage to get started. Detailed instructions and information on the seed exchange and can be found here on our website:

Please note that an SMTA is also required for the citizen-to-citizen seed transfer and that no bean varieties can be characterised in the app if you carry out the seed exchange outside the app.

Thank you for your continued participation in our bean-tastic INCREASE Citizen Science Experiment! Let's continue to promote agrobiodiversity and share the beans!