INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems

Experimental agro-biodiversity education with INCREASE beans sparks scientific interest in students

INCREASE bean varieties formed part of an education science study carried out at the "D. Manin" primary school in the Venice region, Italy.

Researcher and teacher Sofia Giantin wanted to foster an ecological mindset in third-grade students through hands-on observation of agro-biodiversity and in this context, she tested the effectiveness of an experimental active learning method in comparison to a traditional transmissive approach. In her study, conducted during the 2023 school year, the experimental group engaged in active learning by observing real seeds and plants, including beans provided by the INCREASE project. Meanwhile, the control group adhered to a traditional teaching method.

Results of the study revealed higher comprehension levels in the experimental group, with a greater percentage of correct answers in follow-up questionnaires. The experimental group demonstrated a more diverse understanding of genetic varieties, showcasing a broader perspective. The study not only confirmed the effectiveness of the experimental method but also highlighted increased student interest and approval.

INCREASE is delighted to support research on innovative teaching methodologies that foster an ecological mindset and a deeper appreciation for scientific culture among students!

The full study of Sofia Giantin can be accessed here.