INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems

INCREASE officially launches Citizen Science Experiment - calling on all citizens to participate in cultivating different varieties of the common bean

Registration for the INCREASE Citizen Science Experiment opens today.

Science and scientific approaches need to be spread to the whole society and everyone should be involved. Therefore, the European Project INCREASE is opening up to any volunteer who wants to create an impact on the environment and secure the world as we know it for our and the next generations!

INCREASE is a European scientific and innovation project that involves 28 active partners from across the world with the important goal to valorise agrobiodiversity and promote food legumes consumption and cultivation in Europe. Implementing cutting-edge approaches will secure the conservation, management and characterisation of plant genetic resources. This will help food systems to develop towards sustainable practices and to support food production and consumption to protect the environment, mitigate the effect of climate change and promote human health.

Guided by the European Commission principles “open science, open innovation and open to the world”, INCREASE takes advantage of digital technologies to make science and innovation more collaborative and global. For this purpose, the project runs this Citizen Science Experiment.

Today’s launch of the experiment is supported by the INCREASE CSE App (free to download from all digital platforms and available in different languages).

Come with us! Anyone with a field, garden, terrace or balcony, and the required enthusiasm to grow different bean varieties can join. INCREASE calls on all interested citizens to join this journey! As part of the experiment, participants will receive different European common bean landraces to grow and take care of them and document their development through uploading photos and impressions to the CSE App so that the INCREASE team can accompany the growth journey.

For more information on the project and the experiment, please visit the INCREASE website and watch the amazing project clip. Join us on our social media for updates and news.