INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems

VIR is a world-leading Russian research center focusing on the systematic collection, preservation, study and rational use of genetic resources of cultivated plants and their wild relatives. VIR maintains one of the largest and richest plant genebanks with over 320 thousands of accessions. VIR is the only PGR gene bank in Russia which serves as the base for all domestic breeding programmes. Besides the advanced modern cultivars, the VIR genebank is keeping seeds of ancient varieties, landraces and wild relatives. Many of them do not exist in their natural places anymore. Currently, one of the most important activities of the VIR genebank is the molecular screening of the germplasm on the DNA level searching for rare valuable alleles that could not be revealed by phenotype in the field.

Role within INCREASE

VIR will contribute to work package 3 by providing DNA samples from SSD material established for legume genetic resources, including herbarium collections, for genotyping. Furthermore, VIR will be involved in work package 2 and 6 by providing information of the genetic resources, testing and feedback of the developed web portal, development of data and germplasm management guidelines, and in the multiplication evaluation approach. VIR will also contribute to work package 7 for outreach activities, capacity building and training.

Main contacts

Photo of Prof Margarita Vishnyakova
Prof Margarita Vishnyakova
Head of the legumes department/Team leader
Photo of Dr Tamara Buravtseva
Dr Tamara Buravtseva
Leading scientist/Curator of common bean collection
Photo of Tatiana Dyubenko
Tatiana Dyubenko
Curator of lentil collection
Photo of Irina Stepanova
Irina Stepanova
Curator of chickpea collection
Photo of Galina Egorova
Galina Egorova
Curator of lupin collection
Photo of Dr Aleksei Zavarzin
Dr Aleksei Zavarzin
Deputy director of VIR