INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems

DCS-Fuerth was founded in 1992 and currently employs twelve developers. We are located in Fuerth, near Nuremberg in Germany. For 28 years we have been developing, consulting and coaching, independent of platform, vendor or technology. We develop software solutions individually tailored for our clients specific needs. To achieve this, we utilise a wide array of modern technologies.

Peter Dickten is chief technology officer and founder of dcs-fuerth. He is responsible for defining the architecture and high-level design of the products his company creates for major companies like GfK, Siemens and multiple retails groups and insurance companies. Peter studied computer science at University Erlangen/Nuremberg, has more than two decades of software development experience and is a frequent speaker at conferences and user group meetings about Blockchain technology and Fullstack Development (Angular, NestJS).

Role within INCREASE

DCS-Fuerth will act as the main consultant for the blockchain infrastructure design and development by involving its engineers and platform designers, together with their experience on blockchain applications.

Furthermore, DCS will be part of SMEs networking activities and together with stakeholder and media relations throughout the project. The main purpose of being part of the dissemination & networking activities is to evaluate a business model to bring novel concepts of INCRESE to higher Technology Readiness Level to design a novel product based on Blockchain technologies.

Main contacts

Photo of Dipl.Inf. Peter Dickten
Dipl.Inf. Peter Dickten